Every feature in Nextjournal

Nextjournal was designed from the ground up to make Data Science seamless for you and your team. Here is a list of everything that Nextjournal can do right now. Check out our changelog for most recent updates.

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Rich Content Editing

  • Start out in no time with helpful templates (for languages, plotting, Machine Learning, etc.)
  • Full rich-text editing capabilities (including inline LaTeX, bullet lists, numbered lists and todo lists)
  • Structured section editing (with automatic section numbering)
  • Embed images, videos, tweets and LaTeX formulas


  • Invite people to help edit your notebooks
  • Create (public and private) groups and publish under a single group profile
  • Private notebooks
  • Easily store, use and share secrets in your group
  • Real-time collaborative editing between you and your collaborators

Interactive coding

  • Use multiple programming languages in the same notebook
  • Upload your data or access Amazon S3 buckets or Google Cloud
  • Code auto-completion and language-specific documentation
  • "Ask for help" button: Got stuck on an error? We'll help you out.

Full control over your runtime environment

  • Easily install additional packages and libraries
  • Runtime environments can be customized down to their base linux distribution
  • Full control over environment variables: set, override or use secrets in them
  • Export your environments so others can use it in their notebooks
  • Exported environments are available as Docker images

Automatic versioning

  • Every change is saved automatically. This includes all data and the full runtime environment.
  • Any previous change can be restored at any time. This includes the full runtime environment.

Remix, share and publish

  • Create your own copy of any published article with a single click and freely experiment with other people's work. This includes all dependencies, data and results.
  • Generate, share (and revoke) secret links to your working drafts
  • Publish versions under your Nextjournal profile on a permanent URL

Powerful cloud-computing

  • Nextjournal runs on a fully managed cloud computing infrastructure — no setup or maintenance required
  • Compute resources can be fully customized (machine types, number of instances, etc.)
  • Full GPU support
  • Need on-premise? Get in touch

Full interop

  • Import existing Jupyter/iPython, RMarkdown or Markdown notebooks
  • Export any Nextjournal notebook to Markdown (these can also be re-imported)

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