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Hi, and welcome to Nextjournal! 👋

Nextjournal takes the notion of computational notebooks a step further, by bringing together:

  • collaboration - sharing and building on each other's work is as easy as one click. What's more, you can work on a notebook in real-time with your collaborators.

  • polyglot notebooks - you can use multiple languages seamlessly within the same notebook.

  • reproducibility - the code pertaining to each language runs inside environments that can be exported and re-used at any moment, not just within Nextjournal, but on any machine, saving you the hassle of constantly managing dependencies or installing the same packages over and over. Further, the technology underlying Nextjournal allows for built-in versioning of all components of your work, thus ensuring that it can always be reproduced.

🚀 Getting Started

Some resources to get you quickly up and running.

📓 The Notebook Fundamentals

Learn how to perform the fundamental actions inside a Nextjournal notebook, namely adding and working with different types of content, in order to create an interactive document.

👥 Collaboration & Sharing

Collaboration is one of the core principles of Nextjournal; learn about the multiple ways in which it is facilitated.

  • : create groups, invite others for collaboration on a notebook, share privately

⚙️ Configuration

Learn how you can install any package in your notebook, how to make the most out of the environments that your code runs in, and more.

  • : a quick introduction

    • in different languages

📀 Accessing External Data

Learn how to access data from different sources.

👩‍🏫 Nextjournal in Action

Plotting and Visualization

  • with matplotlib, plotly and Vega (Altair)

  • with ggplot2 and plotly

  • Plotting and Visualizing with

Nextjournal for Data Analysis


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