A better way to write, share, remix and collaborate on your research

Nextjournal is free for open science during public beta.

Code in the Cloud

No downloads or installs. Work from any browser. Run code on our GPU-enabled servers. Automate your research workflows.

Remix and Collaborate

Copy and run other articles, including data files and installed packages. Collaborate in real time with peers.

Visualize your Data

Built-in support for plotly.js, Python matplotlib, R ggplot2 and Julia Plots. Or write your own visualizer!

Save & Attribute Changes

Coming soon

No git skills needed - changes are saved automatically. Link to or revert to any version of your work. Track who did what for transparent attribution.

We'll help you bring your research to Nextjournal.
Chat with us or write to team@nextjournal.com.

The Nextjournal Team

The Nextjournal Team