Painless Data Science
for Teams

  • It works on your machine but not on your colleagues'?
  • Conflicts in your GitHub-tracked Jupyter notebooks?
  • Set up and maintain servers to use powerful hardware?
  • Need to use multiple languages in one notebook?

We hear you.

Nextjournal was designed to make complex Data Science workflows painless. For you and your team.

Screenshot of the Nextjournal editor

What can I use Nextjournal for?

Data Science and Scientific Writing

From open-science to investigative journalism to peer-reviewed scientific publications, Nextjournal provides a comprehensive set of tools for the job. Capabilities span from quickly visualizing a dataset to running fully-fledged machine learning explorations. Nextjournal's articles are interactive, shareable, fully-versioned and automatically reproducible.

Writing and interactive documentation

Due to its interactive coding features, Nextjournal is also an excellent choice for any text that contains code samples. What would typically be static code can be live and runnable in a Nextjournal article. This is especially useful for code documentation where the reader can experiment with all code sample immmediately.

Why use Nextjournal?

Start with a single-click

Nextjournal offers single-click defaults for Python, R and other popular languages. These defaults offer more than the language itself. They all include typical data science tools out of the box. For most projects, there is absolutely no installation required. Have existing Jupyter notebooks? You can import those with another click.

Go back in time, anytime

In Nextjournal, your entire stack is versioned automatically, all the time. From your code to the input data, from execution results to the dependencies, if you break something, simply restore a previous version. There are no commits — you can focus on just moving forward with your work.

One notebook, many languages

A Nextjournal notebook can support multiple Python stacks or language combinations like R and Python or Clojure and Julia. Computation environments can be easily shared and used in other notebooks where they can be further modified without changing the original. The underlying Docker technology makes exporting them simple and easy.

Remix everything

Nextjournal doesn’t have the same boundaries as traditional code repositories or Jupyter notebooks. Send your notebook to a peer and, with a single click, they can experiment with their own version of it. No clashing dependencies, no missing data sets.

Share and collaborate

No matter if you’re a small research group or a large corporate research team. Nextjournal let’s you easily share secrets and credentials across your team members, review who changed what and share your notebooks with your audience. Being able to assign DOIs allows citing Nextjournal notebooks in scientific publishings.

Powerful Cloud-Computing

Nextjournal is a fully-managed cloud-computing application. This allows us to provide you with state-of-the-art hardware and removes the hassle of having to set up and manage your own servers. Compute resources can scale flexibly to your changing needs. Need GPU support? We have you covered.

Get started now!

Sign up now and get started with a free Open Science plan on Nextjournal. We also offer paid plans that provide additional features around privacy and advanced computing. See our pricing page for all available plans.

Who uses Nextjournal?

You are in good company when using Nextjournal. Our users range from independent researchers, to journalists to enterprise reasearch teams.

Nextjournal should be the new standard in scientific publishing both for reproducibility and sharability.

— William Ludington, PhD, Principal Investigator, Carnegie Science Institute

Nextjournal's ability to connect structural biologists to high-performance computing on the cloud via an easy-to-use web interface will be a game changer for the ability of complex cryo-EM workflows to be presented alongside reviewed publications.

— Michael Cianfrocco, PhD, Principal Investigator, University of Michigan