Welcome Clojurists!

Nextjournal is a tool that helps researchers and data scientists streamline their data-driven workflows. It combines code, prose, data and results into interactive, shareable articles. Automatic versioning makes it easy to experiment with your code and data. Go back in time, anytime.

Similar to forking Git repositories, remixing gives you the ability to quickly explore other people’s work and build upon it.

Try it yourself by heading to nextjournal.com/login, enter your e-mail address, and use the invite code cognicast to complete the sign up.

Once you’re signed up, start out by remixing any of these articles (simply click Remix in the top bar):

Nextjournal itself is built with Clojure, ClojureScript and Datomic which makes it dear to our heart to provide the Clojure community with a good programming experience. Any questions or feedback is welcome!