ClojureScript Template

You can remix this template to get started with ClojureScript.

Please note that, currently, ClojureScript support is experimental. ClojureScript code is being evaluated in a WebWorker so DOM access and requiring external dependencies is limited.

There are two ways you can use ClojureScript in a Nextjournal article at the moment:

Use Plotly (comes pre-installed)

(def x (range 0 1000))
(def y (map #(js/Math.sin (/ (* % (.-PI js/Math) 2) (count x))) x))

(.plot js/Nextjournal [{:x x :y y}])

Use Hiccup

For now, you can use Hiccup for generating HTML and SVG content. Assigning Javascript event handlers will be ignored.

(defn circles [r]
  (let [size (* r 3)])
  [:svg {:viewBox (str "0 0 " size " " size) :width size :height size}
   [:circle {:r r :cx r :cy (* r 2) :fill "#f00" :opacity 0.5}]
   [:circle {:r r :cx (* r 2) :cy (* r 2) :fill "#0f0" :opacity 0.5}]
   [:circle {:r r :cx (* r 1.5) :cy r :fill "#00f" :opacity 0.5}]])

{:kind "hiccup"
 :value (circles 50)}