AWS S3 Buckets and Google Cloud Storage

To access external storage, click the + button between nodes and select Bucket Acccess (S3/GCS).

Select the Provider and provide the Bucket Name. Input an optional secret for private data access. Once the Bucket has been accessed, it can be mounted it to any runtime; use the runtime’s settings panel to specify a mountpoint.

ls -alF /nextjournal-maven
S3 (Bash)

Private data stored in S3 or GCS can be accessed by providing a cryptographic key created by the storage provider. Private data manipulated by Nextjournal disappears when a language runtime is stopped or times out. See Using Secrets for more information.

Notes for Google Cloud Storage

Bucket Access Control

GCS buckets access control model must be set to "fine-grained access control". For existing buckets the access control can be changed in Google Cloud Storage Dashboard by editing the according bucket and choosing "fine-grained access control"

For a new bucket please make sure to select "Fine-grained" when you're prompted to choose the access control

Access Keys

Access to private buckets or write permissions can be obtained with Google Cloud Storage S3 Interoperability Keys. For that please go to Google Cloud Storage Dashboard -> Settings -> Interoperability. If you have not set up interoperability before, click Enable interoperability access. Then either note the existing Access key and Secret, or create a new key by clicking on "Create Key". This key should then be added to secrets in the form "<Access key>:<Secret>" without any whitespace.

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