Using Secrets

Nextjournal can store your secrets safely and fully encrypted in a vault that’s separated from your notebooks. Stored secrets can be referenced in notebooks, in runtime environment variables and shared between your collaborators.

Adding Secrets

In Nextjournal, secrets belong to a profile so you will find all stored secrets on a profile’s settings page. Secrets that belong to a group profile can be used by all members of that group. To add new secrets open your profile’s settings page and click Secrets, then provide a label and the secret you want to save and click Add new secret:

That’s it. Now any of your notebooks can reference the secret. Note that you can also always add secrets from right where you want to use them, so no need to head to the profile page first when you’re already in a notebook:

Using secrets in notebooks

Nextjournal will offer you to use a secret when it’s available to a node. Currently, secrets are used for accessing private GitHub repositories and Amazon S3 and Google Cloud buckets and for providing secrets to runtimes via environment variables. Let’s take a look at how to provide a secret as environment variable to a runtime: