Importing notebooks

Nextjournal supports migrating your existing work from Jupyter, IPython, Markdown and RMarkdown files.

Uploading existing notebooks

You can do so by clicking the "Select Jupyter, IPython, Markdown or RMarkdown file to import" link on the "Add new notebook" page or by dragging a file right into the page.

Here is an example of importing a "Plotting with matplotlib" Jupyter notebook into Nextjournal:

Please note that Nextjournal can only import anything that is already contained in the uploaded file. If your notebook depends on outside data, you will have to upload it to your imported notebook.

Importing via URL

You can also import files that are publicly accessible via a URL, like files that live in a public GitHub repository. Simply select "Import via URL" on the "New notebook" page and paste in a URL.

Here is an example showing how to import a Jupyter notebook from a public GitHub repository:

Need to export from Nextjournal?

We have a dedicated "Exporting notebooks" guide for that.

Having trouble importing your notebook? Get in touch and we’ll help you out.