helpApr 10 2019

Exporting notebooks

Any Nextjournal notebook that you have access to can also be exported.

You can do so by opening the global command palette in the editor (the ••• button in the upper-right corner) and selecting "Settings". The settings screen will give you an option to export your notebook as Markdown file:

Nextjournal Markdown

Exporting a Nextjournal notebook will create a file that can be read and displayed by any standard Markdown viewer. In addition to the notebooks contents, your exported Markdown file will also include metadata at the bottom of the document that makes re-importing into Nextjournal easy.

Exporting data sets

Please note that your exported Nextjournal Markdown file will not include any datasets that you uploaded to your notebook. These have to be downloaded separately by clicking the download link that is available in every file node:


Exporting runtime environments as Docker image

You can also export any runtime’s environment as Docker image. For this, open the runtime’s settings screen and check "Export the environment":

Doing so will give you a URL that you can use with the docker pull command:

docker pull

Having trouble getting your data out of Nextjournal? Get in touch and we’ll help you out.