Parens for Python - Network Analysis and Visualization

with IGraph and Lieden

We are going to explore some more Python libraries through the use of libpython-clj.

This time, we are going to look at IGraph and Lieden.

 {org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.10.1"}
  cnuernber/libpython-clj {:mvn/version "1.36"}}}

Install the python dependencies and display

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install eog
conda install -c conda-forge python-igraph cairocffi leidenalg
Clj & Python env (Bash in Clojure)


IGraph is a library for network analysis and visualization.

Here we use python require to load it in as well as its supporting plotting library cario.

We then create a graph and add some vertices and edges to it.

(require '[libpython-clj.require :refer [require-python]]
         '[libpython-clj.python :as py :refer [py. py.. py.-]])
(require-python '[igraph :as igraph])
(require-python '[cairocffi])
(def g (igraph/Graph))
(py. g add_vertices 3)
(py. g add_edges [[0 1] [1 2]])
Clj & Python env (Clojure)

From there we, can continue to add edges and vertices using a interop doto for the graphics. Finally, we can print out a summary of the graph.

(doto g
  (py. add_edges [[2 0]])
  (py. add_vertices 3)
  (py. add_edges [[2 3] [3 4] [4 5] [5 3]]))
(igraph/summary g)
Clj & Python env (Clojure)

Let's get a more interesting graph using one of the preloaded "Famous" petersen graph and we can plot what it looks like.

(def g2 (py. (igraph/Graph) Famous "petersen"))
(igraph/plot g2, "results/test.png")
Clj & Python env (Clojure)
Vector(4) [libpython_clj.python.bridge$generic_python_as_jvm$reify__27963, "0x12aa502e", "<igraph.drawing.Plot object at 0x7f8e20147a90>", Map]


The leindenalg library provides clustering and community detection with graphs. The core function is find_partition which finds the optimal partition using the Leiden algorithm 

(require-python '[leidenalg :as la])
(def G (py. (igraph/Graph) Famous "Zachary"))
;;;Now detecting communities with modularity is straightforward
(def la-partition (la/find_partition G la/ModularityVertexPartition))
Clj & Python env (Clojure)
(igraph/plot la-partition, "results/partition.png")
Clj & Python env (Clojure)
Vector(4) [libpython_clj.python.bridge$generic_python_as_jvm$reify__27963, "0x30ee998c", "<igraph.drawing.Plot object at 0x7f8ded90a550>", Map]
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