Static CairoMakie

Install all dependencies

apt-get update
apt-get install build-essential -y
apt-get install ffmpeg
pkg"up; add PackageCompiler#sd-pkg3 StatsMakie MakieGallery#master GeometryTypes ImageCore ImageTransformations ImageMagick AbstractPlotting ColorTypes Colors ColorVectorSpace FixedPointNumbers Documenter ModernGL MeshIO ImageMagick ImageTransformations FileIO ImageFiltering DataFrames RDatasets BinaryProvider AbstractPlotting Observables CairoMakie"

Snoop what needs compilation and compile a new system image

using PackageCompiler, CairoMakie
snoopfile = joinpath(dirname(pathof(CairoMakie)), "..", "test", "runtests.jl")
syso = PackageCompiler.compile_incremental("CairoMakie", snoopfile, reuse = true)

force the new new system image onto Julia

cp(syso, joinpath(PackageCompiler.default_sysimg_path(false), ""), force = true)
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