NextjournalJul 24 2019 UTC

LaTeX Environment

The Nextjournal LaTeX environments are based on Minimal Bash, and use the TeXLive installer and manager.


Minimal LaTeX Environment

Download the TeXLive net installer.

wget --progress=dot:giga -O /results/install-tl-unx.tar.gz \

The installation profile.

selected_scheme scheme-small
option_adjustrepo 1
option_autobackup 0
option_desktop_integration 0
option_doc 0
option_file_assocs 0
option_fmt 1
option_letter 0
option_path 1
option_post_code 1
option_src 0
option_write18_restricted 1
portable 1
option_sys_bin /opt/latex/bin
option_sys_info /opt/latex/share/info
option_sys_man /opt/latex/share/man
TEXDIR /opt/latex
TEXMFSYSVAR /opt/latex/texmf-var
TEXMFSYSCONFIG /opt/latex/texmf-config
TEXMFLOCAL /opt/latex/texmf-local
TEXMFVAR /opt/latex/texmf-var
TEXMFCONFIG /opt/latex/texmf-config
TEXMFHOME /opt/latex/texmf-local
binary_x86_64-linux 1
collection-context 1
collection-fontsrecommended 1
collection-latex 1
collection-latexrecommended 1
collection-mathscience 1
collection-plaingeneric 1
collection-pstricks 1
collection-xetex 1
collection-langenglish 1

Unattended install.

cat /root/tl-profile
tar -zxf 
cd $(find ./ -xdev -type d -name "install-tl-*") TERM="xterm" ./install-tl -no-gui -profile /root/tl-profile cd .. rm -r install-tl*

Allow fontconfig to find the new fonts.

ln -s /usr/local/texlive/texmf-var/fonts/conf/texlive-fontconfig.conf \
fc-cache -fsv


latex -version
xetex -version
context -version

Default LaTeX

Install everything.

tlmgr install scheme-full

LuaTeX version?

luatex -version