LaTeX Environment

The Nextjournal LaTeX environments are based on Minimal Bash, and use the TeXLive installer and manager.


Minimal LaTeX Environment

Download the TeXLive net installer.

wget --progress=dot:giga -O /results/install-tl-unx.tar.gz \

The installation profile.

selected_scheme scheme-small
option_adjustrepo 1
option_autobackup 0
option_desktop_integration 0
option_doc 0
option_file_assocs 0
option_fmt 1
option_letter 0
option_path 1
option_post_code 1
option_src 0
option_write18_restricted 1
portable 1
option_sys_bin /opt/latex/bin
option_sys_info /opt/latex/share/info
option_sys_man /opt/latex/share/man
TEXDIR /opt/latex
TEXMFSYSVAR /opt/latex/texmf-var
TEXMFSYSCONFIG /opt/latex/texmf-config
TEXMFLOCAL /opt/latex/texmf-local
TEXMFVAR /opt/latex/texmf-var
TEXMFCONFIG /opt/latex/texmf-config
TEXMFHOME /opt/latex/texmf-local
binary_x86_64-linux 1
collection-context 1
collection-fontsrecommended 1
collection-latex 1
collection-latexrecommended 1
collection-mathscience 1
collection-plaingeneric 1
collection-pstricks 1
collection-xetex 1
collection-langenglish 1

Unattended install.

cat /root/tl-profile
tar -zxf 
cd $(find ./ -xdev -type d -name "install-tl-*") TERM="xterm" ./install-tl -no-gui -profile /root/tl-profile cd .. rm -r install-tl*

Allow fontconfig to find the new fonts.

ln -s /usr/local/texlive/texmf-var/fonts/conf/texlive-fontconfig.conf \
fc-cache -fsv


latex -version
xetex -version
context -version

Default LaTeX

Install everything.

tlmgr install scheme-full

LuaTeX version?

luatex -version