MXNet Clojure Environment


Clojure deps.edn file, which will be mounted into the filesystem when the runtime boots—this installs MXNet and the Clojure frontend. Note that the current version of Clojure/MXNet is compiled against CUDA 9.0, so we must set NEXTJOURNAL_MOUNT_CUDA appropriately in the runtime config.

{ :deps {
  org.apache.mxnet.contrib.clojure/clojure-mxnet-linux-gpu {
    :mvn/version "1.3.1" },
  nu.pattern/opencv {:mvn/version "2.4.9-7"},
  net.mikera/imagez {:mvn/version "0.12.0"},
  thinktopic/think.image {:mvn/version "0.4.16"}}}
Extensible Data Notation

Install various dependencies, including Scala and OpenCV.

apt-get -qq update
apt-get install --no-install-recommends software-properties-common \
  runit apt-transport-https build-essential devscripts \
  libopenblas-base libatlas3-base \
  libcurl3 scala libssl1.0.0 \
  libgdal20 libilmbase12 libopenexr22 libtbb2 libwebp6
add-apt-repository -y ppa:timsc/opencv-3.4
apt-get -qq update
apt-get install libopencv-imgcodecs3.4
apt-get clean

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