A Wild MICHAEL-GLASS appears!


  • Pronouns: he/him

  • 193 cm

  • 100kg

  • Fluent English, B2/C1 German, meager French

  • 6.5 minutes/km ("aka slow") + takes many breaks

  • Very sweaty but not particularly strong body odor

  • Favorite Colors: Red, Pink, Purple

  • Least favorite color: Nothing

  • Likes: bicycles, computers, you!

  • Extroverted

  • People often call me Glass or Michael Glass (rather than simply Michael) because Michael has been ambiguous on every previous team I've been at. But generally: any nickname or mispronunciation you come up with is welcome.

  • My handle is mostly michaelglass (twitter, github, etc, etc)

When and Where

  • Based in Berlin

  • UTC +2 in summer, +1 in winter (looks like we're getting rid of DST soon, though)

Fun Facts

  • Used to be based in San Francisco until I fell in love and followed my partner back to Germany

  • Loves to ride bikes. Took a 3-month tour a few years ago (With Theresa, my partner) from Tokyo to Seoul, plus a month in southern Taiwan

  • Happy to help you find a bicycle

Pairing Preferences

  • Love pairing and can go too long. Warn me if I overstay my welcome, please.

  • Often feel like I am too forceful when navigating. "Do this, do that". Please help me self-regulate if you feel the same thing. I often ask and haven't received negative feedback but I still am sensitive to my own feeling.

Life and Career

  • Born in Washington DC, USA

  • Grew up in Atlanta, GA, USA

  • spent a year as a child in Geneva, Switzerland. Learned French. Subsequently forgot it.

  • University in New York City. Spent 8 years there. AMA

    • worked for an educational startup called MixedInk.

  • Moved to San Francisco because I was hella depressed. It helped!!

  • Worked at Scribd, then NoRedInk in SF. NoRedInk for 8 years. We grew from 2-100 people in that time, migrated from Rails to Elm and Haskell.

  • Moved to Berlin in 2015. Met Martin & Phillipa in Bratislava in early 2016.