Lambda Island Pitch template

This document follows the structure outlined in Shape Up, chapter 6: write the Pitch.


The raw idea, a use case, or something we’ve seen that motivates us to work on this


We are not using the actual Shape Up cycles, so we use this section differently. The appetite is about drawing the line, about enabling developers to decide when to cut or hammer scope. It is about finding the balance between time invested and returned value.


The current situation as it relates to this pitch. What is there today? What works and what doesn't?


The core elements we came up with, presented in a form that’s easy for people to immediately understand. You can use breadboards for capturing the navigational flow, and fat marker sketches to provide a rough idea of proposed UI elements.

Rabbit Holes

  • Details about the solution worth calling out to avoid problems

  • Areas of uncertainty that need to be evaluated first to make sure they are not unacceptable time sinks


Anything specifically excluded from the concept: functionality or use cases we intentionally aren’t covering to fit the appetite or make the problem tractable.

Resources / Links

Links to related Github issues, notebooks, documentation, etc.