CairoMakie Environment

Install all dependencies

apt-get update
apt-get install libcairo2 cmake build-essential
pkg"up; add PackageCompiler#sd-notomls StatsMakie MakieGallery CairoMakie#master AbstractPlotting#master MakieThemes ImageShow FreqTables Distributions KernelDensity"

Run PackageCompiler:

using PackageCompiler
PackageCompiler.blacklist!(:HTTPClient, :WinRPM)
syso, sysold = PackageCompiler.compile_incremental(:CairoMakie, :StatsMakie, install = true);

Replace the julia system image with our static image:

# Replace the system image
cp(syso, sysold, force = true)
@assert read(syso) == read(sysold)

Now one just needs to select `export environment` & save in the runner menu:

After publishing the article, everyone will be able to use the image, or download the docker image with the docker URL!

Now we can create a new runner with the newly created image, to test if our image actually works:

using AbstractPlotting, CairoMakie